Bia Saigon
The Only Way Is Up
Bia Saigon, a beverage that transcends the ordinary, not just a drink but a companion on the road to success. While others were fixated solely on the destination, our protagonist reveled in the process, finding joy in the small victories that paved the way for the grand triumphs.
The design strives to unite three Sabeco variants, envisioning the dragon as an iconic symbol. The slanted graphic supporting the dragon tilts at 18.75°, a nod to the company's 1875 founding year. Each variant boasts a distinct color and a bespoke pattern, expressing its unique flavor.
Brand Personality: Street-smart, Quick-witted, Optimistic, Resourceful

Client: Bia Saigon
Design Director: Cathie Cocqueel
Design Lead: Ugo Dimauro
Designer: Farid Leong
Designed at Landor & Fitch