Client: Cogoport
Designed at Tangible Brand Consultants​​​​​​​

Cogoport is leading a new age of technology-driven trade, powered by their Global Trade Platform™, delivering better customer outcomes.

Founded in June 2016, Cogoport uses technology to make it easier for small and medium-sized exporters and importers to grow their business internationally.
Based in India; Cogoport has identified a trade and logistics knowledge and execution gap as putting the brake on International trade. Cogoport want to make life easier for small & medium-sized exporters and importers by reducing the friction of cumbersome processes with hefty documentation, lack of transparency, poor stakeholder collaboration and process inefficiencies.
Cogoport’s platform has all the best import, export services in one place. Exporters and importers can easily connect with logistics providers (shipping liners, freight forwarders, transporters, customs house agents, etc.) and collaborate with them to conduct their international trade more efficiently.